Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep the jewelry?

Yes you keep the jewelry you receive every month.

When will I be billed?

You are billed the same day you purchase your box. You will be billed automatically there-after every month on the first until you cancel.

How do I cancel?

Log into your account and cancel your account. If you have trouble after trying, please email us to address this issue.

Can I have a refund?

Refunds will not be processed for shipped orders or orders that are over 30 days old. If you have an issue, we will be happy to assist you and resolve the issue with you. Simply email our support at:

Do you have a phone number?

We do not offer over the phone support at this time but will be adding this in the future. You can reach us via email at

Can I have a free box?

We often send free boxes to charities for auctions to support good causes. If you just want to try our box we recommend just subscribing for one month.

I s your service for everyone?

Our service is made to be affordable and a value. If you don't like the jewelry you receive you can always share or gift it to someone who may like it.

I received a broken piece of jewelry, what now?

We will send you a free replacement at no cost. Just contact us if this is an issue.

I never received my order, what happened?

Sometimes orders get lost, stolen, or never even make into your country. If this is an issue, we will attempt to resolve the issue as soon as we can just contact us so we can look into your order history.

When will my order ship?

If you order before the 15th you will receive that month's box. If you order after the 15th you will get the next month's box.

Can I have a refund?

We do not offer refunds on orders that have already been sent out.